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Welcome to Heritage Music

...where music and heritage meet.
Heritage Music is more than a music studio. We strive to give the most complete and discerning music lessons. Our program is complete in that we teach artistry, theory, and history along with reading, rhythm, technique, and listening skills. We encourage ensembles and community service.
We offer individual piano lessons (child and adult), custom designed to each student.
For the younger student (ages 5-7) we offer group piano classes in preparation for later musical instruction. These classes are small to maintain high quality education.
For the young child (ages 3-5) we teach a varied music curriculum that targets early musical expression and knowledge.
We also aid families in securing pianos for their homes and help them maintain these instruments.
Our family has the legacy of four generations of musicians. That legacy was passed on to us by our parents, who secured teachers in the lineage of the Great Masters. We are excited to serve the families in the Piedmont area of North Carolina as we pass this heritage of music on to the next generation.
After many years of serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we have relocated to Youngsville, NC.  Come and join us. Please browse our website for curriculum information and how to get started!